Aging Indigenous & Black: Fitting Into My Self

mancôsa î-môwikot is how nêhiyawak, the Plains Cree, describe cancer, which translates to “he/she is being eaten by bugs,” my nehiyaw friend and relative Robin Mcleod says. Cancer is new to us as Indigenous people in relation to the dispossession of our territories and our correlating oppression and subjugation. n Brown and Black bodies, cancer like diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others is a disease that is symptomatic of colonialism and capitalism.

Re-Creating Kinship: Waynaboozhoo Style

This life-giving relational energy will catch you when you fall and then you, in turn, will catch others instead of pushing them off the edge colonial style. As our kinship webs grow stronger, our families, our Clans, our Lodges, and our Nations grow stronger and no matter what that colonial energy tries to do, they simply can’t break us.

“We are the Bundle:” Activating Indigenous Ancestral Powers

Because you are a sacred bundle, the Land and Waters know when you activate, the Beings of the Land, Waters, and Sky know; literally, all of Creation knows when you activate. Your physical presence is bound by concepts of place, but from an Indigenous perspective your spirit is not. Your intent and your heart can move your spirit to places beyond a non-Indigenous reference.

“We Are the Story…”

can’t help but think of the 40 billion dollar investments into LNG.
I can’t help but think of all the businesses and academics applying for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the name of “Indigenization,” under the guise of “Truth and Reconciliation” with many non-Indigenous people laying claim to our intellectual, spiritual, and even physical bundles to build their careers and line their pockets.

A Responsive Letter…

  In the past two weeks, I have watched many people step out and speak up against all forms of violence and assault, asserting such acts, especially repeated ones, should not be the norm, nor should they be celebrated. Some of the women and two spirit voices spoke out at great risk to themselves, theirContinue reading “A Responsive Letter…”