On my father’s side, I am of Barbadian ancestry with Caribbean Indigenous roots. On my mother’s side, I am nêhiyaw (Cree) and Scottish-Métis. I grew up with my mother’s family in and around the nêhiyaw territories of wâskahikaniyiniwak (the House People): mistawâsis (Big Child) and atâhk-akohp (Star Blanket), as well as in the nêhiyaw-Métis territories of nêwo-nâkiwin (Mont Nebo) and Batoche in north central Saskatchewan. We do have ties to the Great Lakes area; my Grandfather’s original name was Miigis. With colonization, his name was changed to “Beads.”

I was recently adopted as a daughter by Daabaasanaqwat ‘Lowcloud’ aka Peter Atkinson of the Mikinaak (Turtle) Clan,  4th degree Midewiwin, Minweyweywigaan Lodge, Baagwaanish Giiziibii, Roseau River. I am a second degree Midewiwin of the same Lodge. I am maskwa (Bear) Clan, a Water Walker, a poet/creative writer, a PhD Candidate and a Professor in Indigenous Studies as well as a mom and a kohkom.

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